Say hello to Homr

A Swedish startup developing technology for data-driven real estate development.

We turn architecture into algorithms

Like a machine powered and digital puzzle. All components and functionality of residential buildings are described as vectorized modules. Modules integrate local requirements as well as specific user needs. Using algorithms, instead of manual work, we generate full design to fit any site almost instantly.

  • The future of housing is product-based.

    With our technology as core, we develop customizable housing products for different target groups. Users can choose from existing concepts or create their own.

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      Save time

      From feasability to full fetched design within seconds.

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      Reduce costs

      Up to 30% reduced costs with our integrated design.

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      Lower risk

      Fully informed and no suprises on the way.

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      Better decision-making

      Data-driven decision-making. Right thing right away.


Our founding team

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  • Step 1

    Per Ă…ngquist

    CEO + Business Dev

    No matter where you go,
    there you are.

  • Step 2

    Sander Schuur

    CPO + Design

    If we knew what we where doing,
    it would not be called research.

  • Step 3

    Tobias Grelsson

    CTO + Data

    I know kung fu!

  • Step 4


    All-in-one digital doer

    I find your lack of faith disturbing.